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The patented HandyTrac Online program provides ongoing internet system/information access, secure data backup and storage, support/warranty service, training, and system upgrades.

  • HandyTrac is an integrated system that provides the software and hardware you need to manage keys and assets
  • HandyTrac’s computer controlled, locking steel wall mounted cabinet(s) provide the highest level of safety and security, so only authorized users have access to keys
  • HandyTrac system does not require a dedicated or special computer system
  • HandyTrac system administrative functions and reporting available from any computer with Internet access
  • Each key within the HandyTrac system is traceable
  • HandyTrac system offers several reporting options, with standard and customized reports available to streamline operations and to track keys, assets, locations, and the people who use them
  • HandyTrac identifies keys by using anonymous bar coded tags
  • HandyTrac’s software and hardware combine to link all the cabinets within your system
  • Wall mounted for ease of use and space conservation
  • Ethernet system version provides built in server test with pass/failed result capability

Data collection terminal with dual core computer, real time calendar clock, touch screen keyboard, 7" touhc screen display, badge reader, communications interface.

  • Full color 7" touch screen display
  • Internal lithium battery backup
  • Bar code tags/badges- Code 39
  • Print reports directly from HandyTrac Online cloud platform
  • Flame retardant Polycarbonate/ABS enclosure
  • Standard 120V
  • Integrated Biometric Identity Verification upgrade available

Key Cabinet and Control Box

  • 18 ga steel with black powder coat finish cabinet
  • Up to four (4) key panels 100 locations each (total capacity for single cabinet 400)
  • Electronic lock/latch manual key backup
  • Control Interface Relay (CIR) board between Datalog Touch Pad and Key Cabinet electronic lock
  • Single Cabinet (up to 400 keys)- 28”H x 24”W x 8”D
  • Dual Cabinet-(up to 800 keys)- 28’H x 42”W x 8”D Hardware Requirement

Hardware Requirement

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), provided by customer for surge protection and battery backup.
  • Available Ethernet connection within 6’ of system location or stable wifi connection
  • Available 120V outlet
  • Computer with Internet Access

Software and Supplies

  • HandyTrac Software (pre-installed into Datalog)
  • Employee Identification Badges (bar coded)
  • Bar Coded Key Tags
  • Easy Guide for Installation and Operation
  • Biometric Reader (optional)
  • HandyTrac Key Organizer (optional)

Operating Environment

  • The Key Control System must be installed and operated in an environment free of airborne particles; (e.g. in a separate room key cutting, wood sawing, or other adverse activity or matter). Temp should not exceed 122oF or below 32oF.
  • HandyTrac’s warranties are expressly contingent on operating the Key Control System in a proper environment and providing Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for surge protection.